Instead of coming out with an album is about 4 months I am going to be doing regular releases roughly about every two weeks. I am still planning to package a number of these songs into the album that I had planned but this way you get to ride along with me as I get the pieces put together. As a result I even have a rough schedule of the dates and which song will be released at that time.

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Date Title
04/14/2023 Always on my Mind
04/28/2023 Play the Game
05/12/2023 Change the World

June 21, 2023 Update

Well May 26th came and went and there was no release as we had scheduled. I found that Party in the Street was just not ready for release. There are some rough edges that still need to be ironed out. I was also finding that releasing every two weeks is fine when we had tracks closer to their finished stages. I have revamped the schedule and as we start to release songs again we will try to do this every three weeks to see if that will work better for us. Thanks for hanging in there and here is the revised schedule.

To really give Party in the Street the proper amount of time to come together we have moved it to the bottom of the list. It is a song with a great story and really does need this extra time to get it right.

July 3, 2023 Update

This is almost getting embarrassing the first rescheduled date for Beach Talk was supposed to be 4 days from today and that is not going to happen. However, I do have some good news in that I actually have a track of this song completed and it will be coming out in around 3 weeks from today. This should give me the time I need to get the rest of this collection done and on time and not cheap out on the quality. Here is the new schedule.

Date Title
07/25/2023 Beach Talk
08/15/2023 I’m here to Stay
09/05/2023 Penny for your Thoughts
09/26/2023 Need to Feel
10/17/2023 Party in the Street