First off this is not a song that I wrote. It was written by Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick. It was originally recorded by Wynonna Judd and released in 1996 on her Revelations album but she never released this as a single. The song was recorded by Eric Clapton and produced by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds for the 1996 movie “Phenomenon”. Eric Clapton also released this song on his 1999 Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton album which is the one you will find on Spotify.

This was not one of those songs written in 20 minutes during a recording session. The three songwriters that wrote this song worked on it for over a year. I recorded a version of this song putting a bit of my own spin on it by giving it a bit of a hip-hop rhythm.

My reasons for recording this and including it into my catalog of songs was the message of hope. If I could change the world what could that look like? We are all capable of making changes and even influence change in others. If you think what can I do? I am only one person. Think about that one mosquito in a dark bedroom when you are trying to sleep. Change has never been the result of a committee, it always seems to start from just one person, doing something to make a difference. We pay it forward and they pay it forward soon we might get our ethics back where we did things because it was the right thing to do and the only fair thing to do.

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