For many years, this melody and these words have been churning in my head wanting to come out. This is the prayer that I live my life by. It took a lot of courage and strength to step out and move to a foreign country and make a new life in California. It had always been a dream of mine to do this, but that meant leaving many things that I knew very well into a situation that I knew very little about as far as live here.

I put myself in God’s hands to live this life, as it was not just a dream, it was were I was supposed to go. That dream was put in my heart the first or second time my family made the trip to California. I knew then that this was the place that I was supposed to be. The opportunity to make that move came quite easily and before I was qualified to go, the thought of the actual move had not even occurred to me.

I had graduated from a two year Micro Systems Specialist Program at McEwan University just three years prior to the move. To qualify for a TN: Permit (this is part of the free trade agreement between Canada and the United States) for Technical labor, for a two year College Program I would need three years of working in the field. Four year degree programs in the area of technology have no waiting period.

From the time that I posted my resume for a job in Southern California to getting a response was about a week and three weeks later I was crossing the boarder heading for Santa Monica, California. I really felt God’s presence in my life during that whole situation. Even the fact that I was turned down twice at the border because of the wording of my Acceptance Letter. I could hear God say to me, “I will open doors for you my son, but I also expect you to do some of the work as well”. I realized that these border guards don’t necessarily understand all the details of the agreement but work from a cue sheet of words to look for. The law was written using old terminology where a programmer was an unskilled role that punched the punch cards that fed into the mainframe where the Computer Systems Analysis marked them. My new boss and I got it figured out and like they say third time is the charm.