In 1984, the Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley Cup for the first time after just being in the National Hockey League (NHL) for only five years. There are somethings to understand about Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is a hockey town like no other, they truly love and support their Oilers. There was a period in Oilers history where the original owner was trying to sell the team to Huston, Texas and the city came together to purchase the team from the owner.

Now, back to 1984, we were all expecting a win as each year since being part of the NHL they got so close. The final game was played in Edmonton and either you were at the game or you were watching it with friends at a local Sports Bar or at home with family. With this victory, people just started pouring out onto Jasper Avenue which is the main street in downtown Edmonton. They were just milling around and took over the street, just being very loud and excited. Nothing violent just a peaceful demonstration walking around, congratulating each other, lots of high fives.

I was there in the middle of all this and it really made an impression on me. I was very proud and loved this city and this team. The melody and the words for the chorus came to me almost right away and I have been carrying this around with the intention to finish this song but life kept getting in the way. When I made this decision over a year ago to get back to writing and releasing music, this was one of the many ideas that I had floating around to complete this song.