Over 7 years ago we rescued a Carin Terrier dog and named her Penny. We have never had a Carin Terrier before and were just in awe about her personality and just who she is. We learned later from other parents of Carin Terrier’s that these are very common traits with this breed.

Mary and I might be a bit bias but we think that there is just something extra special about Penny. She totally respects our property and knows what is her’s to chew on and never messes with our stuff. The funniest is watching her when she has to make a decision like should she follow Daddy or Mommy, hum that will depend on who is closest to the Kitchen and who is more than likely to give her a treat. Yea that is the other thing is that Penny is somewhat of a food addict. Not that she is hungry but the fact that she might miss out on an opportunity to get more food and wow does she eat fast.

We found a clever treat ball that we fill with her kibble and she pushes that ball around with her nose and every so often a piece of kibble pops out and she eats that then back to the ball. She has gotten so good at maneuvering that ball, stopping it from rolling under things she can’t get at and changing the direction of the ball. Here is a short clip of Penny in action with this treat ball. While you are there, subscribe to my YouTube Channel I need more subscribers before I can claim my artist account.

Penny used to bark at all the strangers that we saw on our walk. She is very protective and this was her warning shot over the bow, “Don’t come any closer”. Then one day a kind man had some treats in his pocket that he was giving to his dog when she obeyed a command and instilling good behavior. He gave Penny a treat and Penny realized if she didn’t bark at just everyone they might have a treat for her too.

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