I have had this song idea in my head for a long, long time and always felt that it was the finishing piece to a song or an album. This song is being released a little different than the way I have released songs in the past. There is an album coming that will hold most of the songs that I have released over the past year with some alterations to them and remixed and mastered. However, the arrangements will be about the same. For The End and Goodbye I am initially releasing what I call a shorter version of the song which is around 2:44 that is also termed as the Radio Version. The one that will go onto the album will be the full version of the song and it run somewhere in the 6 minute range.

The main inspiration of this song was the ending of Eric Clapton’s Layla, which on the Album and when he performs this live he rolls right into a similar type of ending piece. Just a little bit of history about that ending piece it was originally recorded on a different day than Layla and they sandwiched it into the tail end of Layla. This was more than likely done to increase the amount of time on the album. Back when we were pressing vinyl records we watched very carefully the number of minutes that were available and tried to squeeze as much material into those albums to give the fans their money’s worth of music.

To me, this has that same kind of feel to it. I start it very similar to the way Eric does with just a piano and then builds from that. I build this Ending song up and then bring it back home exactly the way that it entered.

The official release date for the song is November 28, 2023 where is will be live for streaming on all the streaming platforms. My launcher on the left will start the song from your prefered streaming service including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and many others.